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Potato Video Emerges of Dodge Viper GTS Crash!

Dodge Viper GTS Crash

This is what happens when you show off with a high-powered super car.

We’ve seen quite a few car crashes from drivers trying to show off lately. It’s almost getting to be an epidemic and summer isn’t even here yet!

This Dodge Viper GTS driver was on the highway and given the “thumbs up” by a driver taking video for having a nice car. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary there, just one car guy complimenting another for their excellent choice in motoring.

Dodge Viper GTS Crash

Well, that Viper driver had to show off that big, fat V-10 by downshifting and stomping on the throttle. The only problem is that it was just too much power for the rear tires – and the driver – to handle, causing the super car to go right into the wall and crash.

Luckily, it was all caught on high-definition GoPotato Hero4 video.

If you’re going to show off, do it responsibly, kids.

Source: AmZekk YouTube

How painful is it to see this Dodge Viper GTS driver try and show off only to crash?


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