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Prior Design shows off their GT3-inspired Audi R8 GT850

Prior Design Audi R8 GT850

Wide racing style!

The Audi R8 GT3 and R8 LMS are unquestionably the most dynamic and powerful looking variants of the German super car. But, they’re not street-legal and if you want one, be prepared to pony up at least $350,000 and have your own racing team. Simply put, it’s not an affordable road-going model that the motorsports enthusiasts crave. But Prior Design has the GT3 fix that some Audi owners crave with their new R8 GT850 performance and aerodynamic program.

The new Prior Design R8 GT850 takes its design with the GT3 and LMS racing variants of the R8 that aren’t available to most Audi customers. The package starts out with a considerably more aggressive front end that features a new bumper with carbon fiber front spoiler and carbon fiber air inlets. A set of four carbon fiber fins highlight the new hood air outlet and help to cool various components.

Each side of the Prior Design R8 GT850 is wider and more aggressive thanks to new fenders and side sills. The front fenders extend outward and incorporate air outlets that help dissipate heat from the brakes while aerodynamic side sills help calm air as it reaches the extended rear fenders and can optionally be fitted with LED undercar lighting.

Just like the GT3 and LMS race cars, the rear features a large wing spoiler that generates a great deal of downforce and works in conjunction with the revised bumper to create a sportier look. The entire rear is widened to emphasize power and features larger air outlets and a carbon fiber diffuser to help keep the car planted at high speeds. The finishing touch is a full engine visual upgrade kit that wears the Prior Design logo and can be color-matched to the exterior paint scheme.

Filling in the extended fenders is a set of three-piece forged wheels in a concave design with custom-tailored finishes. The 20-inch wheels can also be fitted with 265/30R20 and 325/25R20 Continental performance tires for additional grip.

For customers that want to complement the aggressive looks with more power, Prior Design can install a stainless steel valve-controlled exhaust system for the 4.2 FSI that ups output to 475 horsepower. If that’s not enough, a supercharger upgrade is available for a total of 565 horsepower.

The new Prior Design Audi R8 GT850 is available for 24,900 Euros including installation and painting. A narrow-version is also available from the aftermarket company. The three-piece concave wheels and tires can be purchased for 9,900 Euros, while the exhaust system is available for an additional 2,699 Euros. The compression system for the 4.2 FSI is priced at 5,900 Euros.

Prior Design Audi R8 GT850 Specifications

-Stainless steel exhaust system (475 hp with 4.2 FSI)
-Compressor upgrade (565 hp with 4.2 FSI)
-Styling kit

-Redesigned front bumper with carbon fiber splitter and air inlets
-Front hood air inlets
-Widened front fenders with integrated air outlets
-Aerodynamic side skirts with optional LED undercar lighting
-Roof scoop
-Extended rear fenders
-Large rear wing spoiler
-Carbon fiber diffuser

-Three-piece concave forged wheels in 20-inch sizes
-265/30R20 and 325/25R20 Continental performance tires

Prior Design Audi R8 GT850 Gallery

Source: Prior Design

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