Project F – Actually, It’s An A+ Design By Ugur Sahin


Ugur Sahin is an amazing designer. How do I know? I traced a path to him through his work. The Corvette-based Z03 and Soleil Anadi were his projects and he has, once again, put his hands to a beautiful work of art – The Ferrari 458 Italia-based Project F.

Just when you thought the Pinninfarina P4/5 was the pinnacle of exclusive Ferrari design, along comes Sahin with this stunning vehicle design.


To make supercar consumers feel more at home, Ugur Sahin has combined design elements from a number of modem supercars. The front bumper is very similar to the one found on the Porsche 918 Spyder; the wraparound windscreen looks a Koenigsegg creation; and at the rear, it’s all the new Ferrari LaFerrari. It’s aggressive and emphasizes speed from the front to the back, especially with the wave-like fins above the engine bay. Still, the design of the new Project F is certainly a lot more dramatic than the 458 Italia so we’re sure it is going to have quite a few fans.

Project F Gallery

What do you think of the Project F? Think fast! I am sure deposits are being taken in Monaco.


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