It’s Raining but the Ferrari FXX K and 599XX Evo Don’t Care!

Ferrari 599XX EVO Spa Francorchamps

Just some fun at Spa in the wet!

Ferrari’s FXX K and 599XX Evo won’t let a little rain stop them at one of the world’s most iconic tracks. In fact, they’ll go all-out for all of the spectators that aren’t afraid to get a bit wet.

Ferrari FXX K Spa Francorchamps

These completely unrestrained machines are built just for the track and don’t have anything to hold them back. The Ferrari FXX K takes the already extreme LaFerrari up to 11 while the 599XX Evo is the pinnacle of the V-12 Grand Tourer. Both cars have active aerodynamics that have been honed in the wind tunnel, advanced electronics derived from motorsport, and tons of other goodies that make them utterly incredible.

So, be sure to crank up the volume on this 16+ minute video from Spa Francorchamps, because it’s well worth it.

Source: Gumbal YouTube

How crazy would it be to drive the Ferrari FXX K in the rain at Spa Francorchamps?


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