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This ‘If “Real People” Commercials Were Real Life – CHEVY Emoji Ad’ is Hilarious

Chevy Commercial Spoof

If those “real people” were actually “real people”.

If you’ve turned on your television to watch any kind of network programming, then you’ve seen Chevrolet’s “Real People. Not Actors” advertisements where “real people” experience Chevrolet’s new lineup of cars.

It’s a great way to change the perception of a brand that hasn’t always been thought of in the most positive light when it comes to design, technology, innovation, and quality. These “real people” connect with real people, or at least are supposed to.

Chevy Commercial Spoof

The problem is that car enthusiasts see past the marketing trick and usually find them to be quite comical in their attempts to tap into the mass population of uninformed buyers. Confusing a Malibu with an Audi? Yeah freaking right. Maybe the average idiot that knows nothing about cars or the brands themselves, but not car enthusiasts.

That makes this spoof of the Chevrolet Commercial featuring these “Real People. Not Actors” using Emojis to describe the new Cruze so freaking perfect. The guys at the Zebra Corner YouTube channel used a green screen and some editing to say exactly what we were all thinking.

It’s a bit NSFW thanks to the language, but its spot on.

Source: Zebra Corner YouTube

Have you always thought this about Chevrolet’s ‘Real People’ commercials?


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