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This Rally Crash is the Scariest Thing You’ll See All Day

Renault Clio Rally Crash

That was close!

Today, attending a race usually means that you’ll be spectating from some grandstands or behind a wall. It’s not completely safe, but it’s safer than the days of watching along the side of the road or even on the track such was the case in Group B.

Racing, and motorsports in general, are still some of the more dangerous forms of competition to witness for spectators despite all of the safety regulations for drivers, teams, and fans. This crash during the Jolly Rally al Colle San Carlo in Italy shows why fans need to be very careful about where they choose to watch the race.

As a Renault Clio comes in hot around a sharp corner, it slides too far and hits the dirt on the far side of the course, and heads straight for a group of fans sitting on the ledge. The car hits some natural and man-made barriers before flipping right in front of the terrified fans, and narrowly misses hitting the woman on the ledge before coming to rest upside-down on the pavement below.

Thankfully, all of those that were involved in the accident were unharmed, according to EuroSport, but the car was completely totaled.


Source: Eurosport, MF my video YouTube

Would you need a change of pants after narrowly missing this crash?


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