Red Bull Racing shows us how to Build a Formula 1 Car – Video

Building the new car for the 2013 season.

Formula 1 race cars are complex, have incredibly advanced technology, and are at the forefront of the automotive world. They’re not your average race car and teams and automakers sink a great deal of time, money, and effort into designing, constructing, and building these brilliant machines.

These aren’t just things that the average Joe can build and race with success; they’re intricate and thoroughly engineered machines built with precision. The thing is, they’re not really built like a regular automobile or even traditional race car. Thankfully, Red Bull Racing has made a video detailing how they designed, engineered, and built their new RB9 Formula 1 race car to compete in the upcoming 2013 season. A lot of work goes into it (and Red Bull), and we think we need to buy some new machines for our garage and expand a bit…

[Source: Red Bull Racing]

Who wants to go build a Formula 1 car in their garage after seeing this video? Leave a comment and let us know!


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