Remember the Ferrari F430 Kids? Their Parents were just Charged by Police – Video

You can’t be doing that.

Remember the video showing one nine-year-old boy driving his younger brother around in a Ferrari F430 in India? Well, according to, Muhammad Nizam, the Father of the two boys was arrested and charged with allowing his underage son to drive a vehicle. He will be charged under the Juvenile Justice Act and Motor Vehicles Act for uploading a video of an illegal act, and sending out a wrong message to the world, and allowing a child to drive a vehicle.

The incident occurred on April 6th, the date of his nine-year-old son’s birthday (seen driving).Police say that the Ferrari F430 will be taken into custody, but according to reports, has yet to be seized.

Please folks, don’t let your kid drive a super car if he isn’t old enough to drive.

[Source: DailyMail, YouTube]

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