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Remi Gaillard and his Speed Camera Shenanigans – Video


Giving the personal touch to speed enforcement.

As automotive enthusiasts and drivers some of the biggest annoyances can be speed cameras. Drive past one going a bit over the limit and you’ll get caught on camera and find a lovely ticket in the mail. It’s not fun, especially knowing that big brother is watching you.

Well, Remi Galliard, the French funnyman, decided to mock the use of speed camera in Europe by dressing up as one. Wearing a cardboard outfit that resembled a speed camera and holding a flash, he pretended to snap photos of people driving by. He also took the sketch to another level by catching an airplane, tractor, and train on camera. That should teach them to speed!

In the end, he ends up snapping the police with his makeshift camera setup, which landed him in the back of the patrol car. Our guess is they either needed to perform some maintenance work on the camera or collect all of the information from the speeders he caught.

[Source: NQTV YouTube Channel]

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