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RevoZport Designs a new Nissan GT-R ‘JCR’ Aero Program

RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition

Lots and lots of downforce.

Jonny Cocker is a pretty well-known and successful professional driver who has raced in the American Le Mans Series in the GTE Pro, GT2, and LMP1 classes. Backed by his success and knowledge in the world of motorsports, he has created the JCR GT-R brand that is dedicated to providing aftermarket parts for the Nissan GT-R with a motorsports pedigree. The JCR brand recently chose RevoZport to create their aerodynamic upgrade package and they have all sorts of downforce in store for the Japanese supercar.

The new RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition aerokit was designed and built in the UK and tested in a very lengthy, in-depth process in the full-scale wind tunnel utilizing fluid dynamics. The entire kit is made from carbon composite cured below 150-degrees to achieve the highest strength possible.

RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition

RevoZport’s GT-R JCR Edition aerokit includes a number of different components that are designed to maximize downforce. A carbon fiber splitter, rear diffuser, and sets of side skirts and dive planes help create pressure on both axles at high speeds. The rear also features a new carbon fiber DN trunk with carbon swan neck mount rear spoiler that generates massive amounts of downforce. During testing, three different spoiler setups were used to optimize the front/rear ratio for better balance and overall performance.

With the full RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition aerokit, the company was able to achieve an impressive 676N or 4,000-percent more downforce than the factory GT-R setup and best other setups from different aftermarket tuners.

The official pricing has not been released, but the RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition aerokit will be offered along with other JCR products for the R35-generaiton Nissan GT-R.


RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition Specifications

-JCR Carbon Fibre Splitter System
-JCR Carbon Fibre Dive Planes
-JCR Carbon Fibre Side Skirts
-JCR Carbon Fibre DN Trunk with Carbon Swan Neck Mount Rear Spoiler
-JCR Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

RevoZport GT-R JCR Edition Gallery

Source: RevoZport

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