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RevoZport Unveils its RZF-12 Aerokit for the Ferrari F12Berlinetta

RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit

Classy Carbon Fiber.

While the Ferrari LaFerrari is stealing headlines with its outrageous performance and advanced technology, the F12Berlinetta is quietly racing down the roads at unbelievable speeds and offering drivers an incredible amount of power in a beautifully-designed suit. RevoZport, the carbon fiber specialists, wanted to emphasize the original lines and figure of the Ferrari F12Berlinetta so they created the new RZF-12 Aerokit that optimizes downforce and adds an exclusive style to the Italian super car.

The new RevoZport RFZ-12 Aerokit for the Ferrari F12Berlinetta is made from dry-vacuum carbon fiber composite due to its low weight and high-strength properties. Each piece comes in either shiny gloss or matte finishing as standard and works with the lines of the car to create a body kit that complements the overall design of the super car while adding aerodynamic efficiency.

RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit

Up front the fascia of the Ferrari F12Berlinetta get a bit more aggressive with a new splitter that includes a pair of blades mounted to each side of the bumper. It emphasizes the horizontal lines of the bumper and adds three inches to the fascia’s width. A pair of carbon fiber side skirts meshes with the curvy figure of the super car’s side profile and add a bit of width as it runs towards each rear fender. The rear is finished off with a subtle trunk spoiler that adds an athletic appearance while increasing downforce for better stability at high speeds.

The RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit even gives the engine a more exciting personality. The 6.3-liter V-12 engine is finished with a new seven-piece set of carbon fiber components that replace the factory plastic pieces and complement the super car’s powerful DNA.

RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit

As an option, customers can also opt for the full TITAV Titanium Exhaust System from RevoZport that opens up the vocal chords of the high-revving V-12 to create a superb sound.

All of the RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit components are available as a complete package or individual accessories for the Ferrari F12Berlinetta and are made from high-quality dry-vacuum carbon fiber composite.

RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit Specifications

RZF-12 F12Berlinetta Front Splitter
Price: $ 2,100.00

RZF-12 F12Berlinetta Side Skirt
Price: $ 2,900.00

RZF-12 F12Berlinetta Trunk Lip Spoiler
Price: $ 1,300.00

RZF-12 F12Berlinetta Engine Bay Kit (7pcs)
Price: $ 6,800.00

TITAV Titanium Exhaust System
Price: $ 4,900.00

RevoZport RZF-12 Aerokit Gallery

[Source: RevoZport]

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