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Run, it’s the Carabinieri!

Italy’s national military police force and their cars.

If you’ve ever watched any kind of spy movie, thriller, or action movie that takes place in Italy, you’ve probably seen the Carabinieri chasing down the main character or the bad guys. They’re Italy’s national military police and they love their Alfa Romeos.

The force has been using Alfa Romeos from the vintage Giulia all the way up to the 159, and boy do they love to rally-cross them! They’ve kept most of the old, former police cars restored and in great condition, and love to keep the Alfas in their natural habitat – screeching their tires through turns. They’ve chased down infamous villains such as Vallanzasca, The Red Brigades, the Banda dei Catanesi, and will continue to do so, only this time with more modern cars.

[Source: Petrolicious]

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