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Scaling things down with the Micro Gymkhana Six


This is cooler than the original.

All of Ken Block’s Gymkhana films have been impressive. It takes quite a bit of skill to drive a car like he has but the team at HPI Racing has rivaled his driving feats with their Micro Gymkhana.

The RC car company wanted to show off the capabilities of their HPI Ken Block 2013 GRC Micro RS4 with Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. Body, custom Gymkhana 6 livery, and fifteen52 Turbo Mac wheels so they created a scale model of the Gymkhana Six track and strapped on a GoPro Hero3.

RC cars in general are tough to control, so seeing this 2013 GRC Micro RS4 doing all sorts of high-performance driving feats is nothing short of impressive.

Source: HPI Racing YouTube Channel

Is the Micro Gymkhana Six better than the life-size version?


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