This is Bam Margera Crashing his Blue Lamborghini Murcielago


This is what happens when you drive like a Jackass.

Bam Margera has been known for doing stupid things. That’s how he got his own show on MTV and was able to star in Jackass. Margera has also owned a couple of Lamborghinis and they’ve felt the wrath of his stupidity on more than one occasion.

He’s cut holes in his Gallardo, had a friend fill up his Gallardo with diesel, and now he backed up his Murciélago into a Cadillac.

While filming an upcoming project, Bam Margera was backing up his Murciélago while not paying attention and hit a Cadillac, causing a decent amount of damage to the rear quarter panel. It’s not going to cost him as much as his other Lamborghini disasters, but it’s still going to cost a pretty penny.

Source: Bam Margera YouTube Channel

Should Lamborghini ban Bam Margera from driving their cars?


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