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See, Stickers DO add Horsepower!

Horsepower Stickers

Your latest MvT modification video.

We’ve all heard the joke about how stickers add 5-, 10-, or sometimes even 20-horsepower to your car. While it may not make a whole lot of sense, it’s a universal truth known only to the car enthusiast community.

Horsepower Stickers

Automotive parody aficionado, Muscle vs Tuner, recently added about 70 horsepower to his Honda Accord, dramatically changing the performance and sound of the front-wheel drive import. It was hard work, but it paid off instantly when he went out for a drive.

If only it was that easy…

(Warning: NSFW Language)

Source: Muscle vs Tuner

How much power have you added to your car by using stickers?


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