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Sex will Sell the Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C Sex Sells

Oh Alfa and your dirty ads.

The age-old marketing belief that sex sells has been adopted into the marketing mindset of FIAT and Alfa Romeo as of late and their latest advertisement for the 4C is all about red-hot seduction.

Alfa Romeo 4C Sex Sells

The lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, mid-engined layout, and turbocharged power plant coupled with the driving experience that only an Alfa Romeo can provide is all that an automotive enthusiast needs to hear to get the blood flowing. But, the Italian automaker wanted to emphasize the emotion and passion that the car delivers with their new ad and boy does it deliver.

The car may be the product that is being sold here, but sex, passion, and sensuality is what it delivers. In a way it embodies exactly what the car is with its curvaceous styling and seductive driving experience that will leave you wanting to do some seriously naughty things with it on the asphalt and burn some rubber.

Source: Alfa Romeo

So, who wants an Alfa Romeo 4C now?


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