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SIM and JMS Tuning team up on the BMW E64 6 Series

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JMS Fahrzeugteile and SIM Tuning, two German car companies, partnered up on the BMW 6 Series Cabriolet. With just a few minor upgrades they were able to give the Cabrio a new driving character.

First on the agenda was a proper lowering. A new Bilstein high-end coilover suspension system was installed and reduced the ride height by 45 mm at the rear and 6 to 50 mm at the front. Next up for the BMW E64 was a new exhaust from SIM, featuring four oval tailpipes that measure 115 x 85 mm for a deeper sound.

Rounding the entire conversion off is a new set of wheels. After some altering to the fenders, new Work LS wheels measuring 10 x 20 up front and 12 x 20 at the rear were fitted with 295/25 R20 and 245/30 R20 at the rear.

Each upgrade on the BMW E64 6 Series Cabriolet can be purchased individually. The Bilstein suspension is priced at € 1,400 (+/- 2,000 USD), and the four-pipe exhaust for € 1,300 (+/- 1,800 USD). Pricing for the wheel and tire set begins at € 6,500 (+/- 9,400 USD).

SIM & JMS Tuning BMW E64 6 Series Cabriolet Specifications

Engine Upgrades:
-115 x 85 mm four-pipe SIM exhaust

Suspension Upgrades:
-Bilstein high-end coilovers; 45 mm lower at rear, 6 to 50 mm lower at front

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Work LS
Front Wheels: 10 x 20
Rear Wheels: 12 x 20
Front Tires: 295/25 R20
Rear Tires: 245/30 R20

SIM & JMS Tuning BMW E64 6 Series Cabriolet Gallery

[Source: SIM and JMS Tuning]

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