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SKN Audi RS5² 4.2 FSI Exposed

SKN Audi RS5² 4.2 FSI

Audi’s RS5 gets boosted to the SKN power.

The latest RS model from Audi is an evolution of the company’s sexiest coupe, turning the grand tourer into a power-packed all-wheel drive sportscar. The Audi RS5 provides superb everyday drivability until the powerful 4.2 is taken to higher RPMs, where it transforms into a 450-horsepower monster that hugs the pavement. German tuners SKN Tuning GmbH decided to make this monster more frightening by pushing it to the 500-horsepower mark and adding some striking wheels.

To really take the RS5 to another level of performance SKN Tuning spent many hours testing and developing the ECU tune in their state-of-the-art facility. Using a 2,000-horsepower test bed and optimizing fuel injection, ignition timing, as well as other variables, engineers were able to yield an mighty 50-horsepower increase from the powerful 4.2-liter V-8. In addition to the SKN Power Tuning Stage 2 ECU tune for the high-revving V-8, the company also installed a Milltek exhaust system nicknamed the “Hockenheim Edition” after the German town that is home to the famous Hockenheimring racetrack. The stainless steel exhaust includes a motorsports catalytic converter or catalytic converter replacement pipe, as well as a throttle control to let loose a powerful V-8 bark.

The RS5 stands out from the A5 model line with a large grille flanked by massive air inlets, a large rear spoiler, rear diffuser, and other powerful bodywork from the factory. To make the RS5² more prominent, SKN Tuning has added a set of fan-favorite BBS wheels and installed an adjustable suspension. Measuring 10.5 x 20 all around, the BBS CH-R wheels feature a brilliant silver finish, weight-optimized milled spokes, and low pressure casting. New Pirelli 285/30 ZR 20 Pirelli Pzero tires were fitted for increased handling and performance. In addition to the wheels SKN light alloy wheel spacers were added to accommodate the larger wheels. For improved handling dynamics and a powerful stance, SKN has installed a Billstein PSS10 suspension system that features adjustable height and damping settings for an optimized ride on the road or racetrack.

SKN Audi RS5² 4.2 FSI

While the stock RS5 boasts a quick 4.6-second 0-62 mph sprint, the SKN RS5² is expected to reach the mark even quicker and showcase a 155+ mph top speed. The engine tuning package comes with the SKN Tuning Motoprotect 36 warranty free of charge. No pricing on the complete package or individual accessories for the RS5 has been released from SKN Tuning, but for a quote visit their website at

SKN Audi RS5² 4.2 FSI Gallery

SKN Audi RS5² 4.2 FSI Specifications

Displacement: 4.2 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Horsepower: 500
-SKN Power Tuning Stage 2
-Milltek stainless steel “Hockenheim Edition” full exhaust with throttle control
-Motorsports catalytic converter or catalytic converter replacement pipe

Type: Seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch
Drive: Quattro all-wheel

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: BBS CH-R with brilliant silver finish
Wheel Size: 10.5 x 20
Tires: Pirelli Pzero
Tire Size: 285/30 ZR 20
Wheel Spacers: SKN light alloy
Suspension: SKN optimized Billstein PSS10 with adjustable height and damping

Source: SKN Tuning GmbH

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