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Slide around at Rally Mont Blanc 2014!

Rally Mont Blanc

The legendary rally through the French Alps.

The iconic Rally du Mont Blanc owes its start to the longtime owners of Evian mineral water. Back in 1946 after World War II had ended, the Cruz family wanted to revive the brand’s sales, so they organized a race. In July of 1947, the first race was held under the name, “Paris-Evian” and then changed names a few times until it became the Rallye Mont Blanc, today.

Currently, the rally includes car from past and present with both HCV (Historical Vehicle Competition) and VHRS (Historic Vehicles Sports Regularity) taking place. Thankfully, the team at Clashproduction was on hand to catch all of the roaring engines and screeching tires as they sped through the beautiful French Alps for our enjoyment.


Source: Clashproduction

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