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Springs are Better than Tires and This is Why

Coil Springs as Tires

Not really, but this is freaking awesome.

If you are any kind of automotive enthusiast, then you should be following the stereotypically-crazy Russian on Garage 54 ENG’s YouTube channel. His ingenuity, creativity, and lack of fear while attempting insane things that we’ve all pondered with cars is incredibly entertaining. His latest idea-turned-reality is making a set of wheels with coil springs acting as tires.

We’ve all had times where we could’ve used an extra bit of ride comfort in our vehicle, and this is the perfect way to dampen things down even more. So, our Russian friend got some steel wheels and coil springs from a local junk yard, and went to work cutting and welding.

Coil Springs as Tires

The end result was two wheels with coil springs welded to the rim, ready to be mounted on a Lada 2102. After installing the wheels, it was time for a drive down the beat-up half-asphalt, half-pavement road riddled with potholes.

Despite a considerable amount of vibration, the wheels with springs performed very well, taking away a large amount of shock at the rear axle and providing a supple, more comfortable ride quality.

The test did not include dry pavement or public roads for obvious reasons, nor did it include a burnout (which would have been great to see attempted). We did, however, learn something in the name of automotive science and creativity.

Source: Garage 54 ENG YouTube

Would you want to try and drive a car with coil springs instead of tires on your wheels?


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