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Startech Transforms the Range Rover into a Pickup

Startech Range Rover Pickup

Business in the back, party in the front?

We’ve seen some pretty interesting vehicle upgrades and conversions from aftermarket tuning companies around the globe and the new Startech Range Rover Pickup is definitely one of them. Set to make its debut at the 2015 Auto Shanghai show, the new luxury truck sports a full pickup conversion, widebody styling, and luxury interior that makes quite the motoring statement.

Startech Range Rover Pickup

The five-door SUV was transformed thanks to Startech engineers utilizing state-of-the-art technology and high-end materials. Over 100 bodywork components including aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel have been redesigned and installed as part of the Startech Range Rover Pickup conversion. Engineers were able to keep five seats and retain the same interior space as the factory SUV. This comes thanks to the wizardry of the Startech sheetmetal specialists that installed a new rear bulkhead with heated tinted rear window and newly-developed C-pillars. The wall of the pickup bed is invisibly welded to the shorter roof skin that also retains the panoramic sunroof to create a floating appearance.

The new plastic-lined pickup bed spans 110 cm lengthwise and features a tailgate that can be opened by either a remote control or button in the cabin. After the tailgate is opened, an additional 60 cm is created to carry more cargo.

Startech Range Rover Pickup

But that was only part of the Startech Range Rover Pickup conversion. The German company installed a full PUR-R-RIM widebody aerodynamic conversion kit with all sorts of unique details. The featured fire-engine red show car boasts a full front bumper replacement made to accommodate the wider fenders with integrated LED daytime running lights or LED side markers and tiny LED fog lamps. The lower portion of the bumper sports an integrated spoiler and side air deflectors to reduce lift while a new radiator grille and clear-coated carbon fiber hood trim sits above.

The other most noticeable aspect of the Startech Range Rover Pickup besides the new truck bed are the 80 mm wider fenders at the front and rear axles. A carbon fiber side sill trim connects the two extended fenders and perfectly matches the new carbon fiber C-pillars.

Startech Range Rover Pickup

The rear of the Startech Range Rover Pickup doesn’t just sport a new tailgate, but a completely new bumper with a clear-coated carbon fiber diffuser with integrated high-performance exhaust outlets. The new exhaust also incorporates a new electronic control module to adjust the volume and boosts output by up to 16 horsepower. A new spoiler sits atop the roof to generate downforce while new billet aluminum tailgate elements add a touch of exclusivity.

The final exterior aspect of the Startech Range Rover Pickup involves the chassis. Here, engineers installed a new set of Startech Monostar S forged wheels that measure 11.0J x 23 at the front and rear with black-painted finish and 305/30 R23 high-performance tires. Drivers can also take control of the ride height with a new suspension module that can drop the SUV up to 30 mm on pavement or raise it up to the factory ride height for off-road use.

Startech Range Rover Pickup

Inside, the new truck has all sorts of luxurious goodies. The Startech Range Rover Pickup sports perforated black leather on the dashboard, seats, door panels, and other aspects with red, diamond stitching matched to the exterior. Above passenger’s heads sits soft Alcantara while carbon fiber trim pieces is worn throughout the cabin.

The new Startech Range Rover Pickup also qualifies in most countries as a commercial vehicle due to its new pickup bed. This means that these vehicles can be exported without many of the taxes tacked on with luxury vehicles, making it less expensive. The new conversion will make its debut at the 2015 Auto Shanghai show later this month.

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Source: Startech

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