Steal the Show with ‘The Last Viper’

Pennzoil 'The Last Viper'

Pennzoil says goodbye to an American monster.

It’s hard to believe that the Dodge Viper is dead with the 2017 Viper 1:28 Edition ACR models being the final units to roll off the assembly line this year. This naturally-aspirated example of raw power was a high-performance statement to other automakers and was a poster car for the American automaker.

Pennzoil has been partnered with Dodge as the oil supplier on their vehicle lineup and decided to give the Viper a proper sendoff with a new film aptly titled ‘The Last Viper’ that showcases its raw high-performance nature.

Pennzoil 'The Last Viper'

The film stars a Dodge Viper ACR in Pennzoil Yellow that’s been stolen by criminals and hidden inside of a warehouse. A masked man infiltrates the criminal headquarters and steals the Viper back, speeding away in a sideways, tire-shredding display with all ten cylinders spitting fire from the side-mounted exhausts.

Driven by Rhys Millen (masked driver), the Viper ACR is hooned all over and puts on a brazen display of pure power as it flies through empty streets.

The film ends with the car being returned to the owner in the “nest”, followed by the owner asking the masked man how good he is at exorcising demons – hinting at a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon sequel.

And that’s something that we can’t wait to see.

Behind the scenes look:

Source: Pennzoil

Was the Pennzoil ‘The Last Viper’ film a proper tribute to the end of the Dodge Viper?


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