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Step inside the Kahn Vengeance with Afzal Kahn and /DRIVE!

Afzal Kahn Vengeance /DRIVE Interview

A look behind the coach-built sports car.

Many of us as car enthusiasts have dreams that we hope to one day achieve. From owning a certain car to driving a certain road, racing, or, like some, building your own vehicle. Afzal Kahn grew up pretending to drive his father’s car and it sparked a desire in him that led him to create the Kahn Vengeance Aston Martin DB9.

During his interview with /DRIVE, Kahn described how he first began to study architecture with the goal of designing buildings but quickly discovered that it just wasn’t for him, and left him uninspired. He took the passion that he already had for automobiles and begin a career working with them. After designing all kinds of parts and wheels, he saved up for years in order to create his own car.

Afzal Kahn Vengeance /DRIVE Interview

Kahn had always loved the Vanquish and believed it to be one of the last true muscle cars from Aston Martin. He used that and other Aston Martins as design inspirations for his new car. Instead of investing billions of dollars into engineering and development for a completely new vehicle, he decided to utilize a standard-bodied Aston Martin DB9 as the basis for his coach-built machine.

Kahn wanted to create an almost animalistic, muscular sports car with the Vengeance, which can be seen through the powerful rear haunches, chiseled fascia, and character lines. There’s also a certain elegance about the Vengeance inside and out that makes driving even more enjoyable.

Some may find the design of the Kahn Vengeance Aston Martin DB9 a bit polarizing, but in the end, it’s about a man following his dreams and turning them into reality.

Source: /DRIVE

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