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Ferrari F40 Blu Tubi

F40 BLU.

One Ferrari that is almost unanimously adored by car enthusiasts is the F40. The state-of-the-art supercar was the last built under the great Enzo Ferrari and was the most powerful, expensive, and fastest model wearing the Prancing Horse badge at the time.

The Ferrari F40 has become a legend. Its mix of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum with massive rear spoiler and twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V-8 engine make it a force on four wheels. A total of 471 horsepower is paired up with a 2,400 lb. weight and makes for explosive dynamics.

Ferrari F40 Blu Tubi

This Ferrari F40 has been repainted blue and sports a new Tubi exhaust system without catalytic converters. It’s absolutely ferocious and the view from the cockpit is even better.

You need to watch this video with the speakers turned up right this second!

Source: Shmee150

Did you like the sound of this Ferrari F40 with Tubi exhaust?


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