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The Singer “Virginia” Porsche 911 (964) Goes to NC

Singer Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Virginia  (4)

The first of its kind at a National Concours.

Classic, air-cooled Porsche 911s hold a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. There’s a pure and purposeful driving experience that these cars provide that is simply unmatched. Singer Vehicle Design takes this to a whole new level by completely restoring these classic, air-cooled 911s and creating a bespoke styling per customer request, resulting in a traditional sports car with a modern touch and superb performance.

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One of the new Singer Vehicle Design cars is a 1990 911 Carrera 2 named “Virginia” for its state of residence. This completely restored 911 was also the first Singer Porsche 911 to be shown at a National Concours event after it was on display at the third annual Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance at the Pinehurst Gold Resort in North Carolina.

“Each machine we work with has its own special touches,” said Rob Dickinson, creative director and founder of Singer Vehicle Design. “As an example, ‘Virginia’ is the first of the cars we’ve restored that wears the full ‘Touring’ trim on the bumpers and rockers and is the only vehicle to date where a customer has chosen to align an exterior of metallic Fish Silver paint with Sand-Beige interior leather weave – but the true magic really comes alive visually in the ‘checkerboard’-esque look of the interior – we’ve used a slightly lighter suede to create a truly graphic effect. For us, it’s those nuances, personified by our attention to detail that matter most – because our mantra remains that everything is important.”

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Virtually every aspect and detail of Virginia was meticulously restored and refined by Singer Vehicle Design. A new 3.8-liter Cosworth-developed flat-six engine sits atop the rear wheels and produces 350 horsepower. Other performance upgrades include a full KW Suspension, bigger brakes, and a roll-hoop and harness-bar. The classic ‘Sport’-themed External Oil and Center-fill fuel caps are featured on the metallic Fish Silver exterior along with special raised gold ‘PORSCHE’ lettering along the rear, beneath the ‘Singer’ logo.

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Inside, Virginia wears a clean, checkerboard-style Sand-Beige leather and suede interior. The same leather with diamond stitching is even used in the engine bay and front trunk to showcase the luxurious, custom-tailored elgegance. Clip-on rear backrests for the Recaro seats, new gauges, checkerboard leather dashboard trim, and contrasting black leather applications create a classy and traditional motoring feel. Not a single detail has been overlooked or neglected, making this the perfect atmosphere for driving.

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Virginia is one of just a few examples of Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911s and is a special treat to behold. The company offers a limited available for their restoration cycle that requires an 8-10 month process to undertake completely, with many taking 10 months.

These meticulously-restored and refined vehicles start at $395,000 with costs typically exceeding the $450,000 mark.

Singer Vehicle Design Virginia 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Gallery

Source: Singer Vehicle Design

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