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Street Racing in the Rain is a Very Bad Idea

Ford Mustang Street Race Crash

Just ask this Mustang driver!

Street racing isn’t a good idea and doing so on slippery, rain-soaked roads is probably one of the stupidest things that you can do while driving. This Ford Mustang owner learned that the hard way and took an innocent light pole out in the process.

Before the little light pole could even live up to its bright future, it was cut down in broad daylight thanks to this Ford Mustang driver in Grand Prarie, Texas.

Ford Mustang Street Race Crash

On the three-lane section of roadway that was soaked from rain, the Ford Mustang was driving alongside a Pontiac GTO. According to the video uploader, the GTO driver was not racing, but the Mustang driver decided to floor it in an effort to show off. Well, that didn’t go according to plan as the rear wheels quickly lost traction.

The driver tried to save it by braking and counter-steering, but they could not regain control and crashed right into the light pole on the grass median.

This is why you don’t street race, kids.

Source: dallasjhawk YouTube

How stupid was this Ford Mustang driver to floor it on a slick, wet highway?


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