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Superbike vs Super Car Tug of War!

Ferrari LaFerrari vs KTM 1290 Super Duke

Ferrari LaFerrari vs KTM Super Duke.

We love a good tug of war here at MotoringExposure. It shows the real muscle behind your vehicle and is the automotive equivalent of a good ol’ arm wrestling match. This matchup might seem a bit one-sided, but it proved to be quite the battle.

Ferrari LaFerrari vs KTM 1290 Super Duke

In one corner is the 950 bhp Ferrari LaFerrari packed with a monster V-12 supported by a KERS system. Holding the other end of the rope is a KTM 1290 Super Duke with its 170 horsepower engine.

Seems like a real David vs Goliath fight, right? Well, the vehicle that you would expect to win takes home the victory, but not without some unexpected effort.

Source: Salvare i Ricchi YouTube

Did you think the KTM would put up as much of a fight against the Ferrari LaFerrari?


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