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Friday FAIL: How you Handle Car Accidents in Russia

Friday FAIL Russia Car Accident Fight

Surprisingly, no dashcams were involved.

In Russia, car accidents you! Or, something like that. Whatever it is, sometimes things such as car accidents don’t follow the typical protocol in Russia. This Friday FAIL example wasn’t just a typical crash, but a boxing match.

A driver of a grey Volkswagen ran a stop sign at an intersection and T-boned a blue Renault as it was driving through. Clearly, the fault was on the Volkswagen for not obeying the stop sign. So, instead of checking to see if the people in the other car were okay need assistance, the driver and passenger from the Renault decided to dole out some street justice.

Friday FAIL Russia Car Accident Fight

The Renault duo ran over to the Volkswagen and began to beat on the driver as he was getting out of the car. Luckily, Bruce Lee was in the passenger seat and squared up, stopping the fight with his quick-footed moves.

After bystanders and other drivers stopped to asses and help, the situation quickly deescalated. Authorities and medical personnel arrived soon after to help and get the situation cleared up.

So, if you get into an accident in Russia, just be prepared!

Source: YouTube

Is this typical of car accidents in Russia or just a bunch of angry guys?


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