Take a look at The World’s Most Beautiful Ferrari 308 GTB – Video

A car meant to be driven.

The Ferrari 308 GTB was a veryimportant car to Ferrari. After its introduction, it was incredibly popular, so much so that it became the most successful model for the Italian automaker ever; breaking the 12,000 unit mark from 1975 to 1985. Its 2.9-liter 90-degree V-8 engine with 250 hp is a thing of carbureted beauty and sounds oh so sweet.

The entire car was designed by PIninfarina and is a masterpiece of the mid-1970s/80s. Thankfully, one owner and his 308 GTB as featured by Sharp Magazine continue to see the road on a daily basis. It’s a piece of automotive art and may be the most beautiful Ferrari 308 GTB ever.

[Source: SharpMagazine]

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