Tear up the Track with all of these Ferrari FXX Ks!

Ferrari FXX K Mugello Circuit

Zero FXX Ks are given.

There’s nothing like going to a Ferrari Corse Clienti event. The exotic V-12 sounds made from the hardcore track-only models are beautiful and something that any automotive enthusiast can enjoy.

Ferrari FXX K Mugello CircuitFerrari FXX K Mugello Circuit

YouTube automotive aficionado, Marchettino, was on hand at the Mugello Circuit in Italy for a Ferrari Corse Cleinti event that saw the 1,036-horsepower Ferrari FXX K and 789-horsepower FXX race around the track with glowing rotors and high-revving engines.

It’s a beautiful sight to see.

Source: Marchettino

Would you want to take a Ferrari FXX K around the Mugello Circuit in Italy?


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