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Friday FAIL: Pro-Driver Hits a Lamborghini with a Ferrari

Friday FAIL Ferrari Crashes into Lamborghini

“Professional Driver”.

The title of “professional driver” is loosely applied in this week’s Friday FAIL. At a driving event one “professional driver” lost control of a Ferrari on a wet track and ruined the day for quite a few people.

Two friends were at a super car driving event, and one of them was trying to get a good Snapchat video of the cars that they were about to drive.

Friday FAIL Ferrari Crashes into Lamborghini

Well, they ended up with a video that was even better than they could’ve expected because the Ferrari F430 that the “professional driver” was driving, lost traction and slid right into the front of the orange Lamborghini Gallardo that was being fueled up on the cone-lined track.

Thankfully, the two men standing beside the Gallardo were able to jump out of the way just in time to avoid injury.

Normally, you don’t see “professional drivers” completely lose control of their vehicle like this when they’re claiming to be“warming up”, especially when they take the wet conditions into account.

Unfortunately, these were two cars that the friends wanted to drive that day. Looks like that was completely ruined by a “professional driver”.

Source: tantheman YouTube

Do you think this Ferrari driver was a true “professional driver”?


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