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That Moment that you get Walked by a Mk1 Volkswagen Golf

VW GTI, 350Z, 911 GT3

When your race gets taken over.

So you and your Nissan 350Z Procharger decide to take on a mighty Porsche 911 GT3 on the legendary German asphalt that is the Autobahn. The two of you start duking it out as your begin to see triple-digit speeds only to have a third party blow both of your doors off like it was nothing.

If you were thinking it was a Koenigsegg, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, or other hypercar close to the 1,000-horsepower mark, then you’re wrong.

VW GTI, 350Z, 911 GT3

Seemingly out of nowhere, an Mk1 Volkswagen Golf and its boxy hot-hatch shape flies past, wondering what took you so long to get to that speed in the first place. It then continues on past waiting for you to catch up, which you never do.

That was one hell of a surprise. Unfortunately there is no information on the mystery Golf is available, so we’re left admiring its amazing feat of speed.

Source: Szymon Michonski YouTube

What would you do if you got passed by a Volkswagen Golf in a race like this?


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