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That’ll Buff Right Out: Ferrari LaFerrari Crashes near London

Ferrari LaFerrari Crash A40

Oh the humanity!

The Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1 are the big-three hybrid hyper cars that have shattered your understanding of automotive performance. They’re forever going to be compared to each other and will always hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts as the cars that showed that hybrid powertrains can turn your knuckles snow white.

Ferrari LaFerrari Crash A40

So when one of these rare beasts is involved in an accident, a tear slowly rolls down our cheek in sadness. It will just never be the same.

This Giallo Modena (yellow) Ferrari LaFerrari crashed on Sunday, December 13th on the A40 outside of London. The driver lost control and slid into the center barrier on the highway, resulting in some extensive damage to the front, side, and rear of the super car.

It’s not known what exactly caused the accident but with the wet roads, we can only speculate that the sheer amount of power was just too much for the tires to handle on the slicker surface, causing it to spin out at speed.

Ferrari LaFerrari Crash A40

‘Tis a sad day in the super car world, but you can bet that this rare machine will be repaired and back on the road in the future. We would just hate to have to see that repair bill!

Source: asholloway02, HorsepowerHunters via TheSuperCarKids

How upset would you be if you were the driver of this Ferrari LaFerrari?


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