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The Electroshock McLaren 650S Bait Car Prank!

McLaren 650S Shock Prank

What a shocker!

YouTube prankster and experimenter, Joey Salads, decided that it would be funny to set up a bait car and catch unsuspecting thieves with a little electroshock for some laughs.

So, he enlisted the help of a friend with a McLaren 650S and hoocked up a dog’s shock collar to some wiring placed on the seat of the super car. With the top open, doors unlocked, and key sitting in plain sight, it was parked in an empty lot, just begging for someone to steal it or take it for a joyride.

McLaren 650S Shock Prank

Quite a few would-be thieves popped open the door, had a seat, and got ready to drive away, only to be surprised with a few jolts from a shock collar rocketing their behind.

It was quite the hair-raising prank, indeed.

Source: JoeySalads YouTube

Would you like to pull this prank on would-be thieves?


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