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The First Aston Martin Vulcan is in the United States!

Aston Martin Vulcan Cleveland

And going to a place that you wouldn’t expect.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is the pinnacle of performance available to ultra-wealthy customers around the globe. Its $2.3 million price tag comes with an equally impressive spec sheet. Oh, and it’s limited to just 24 units globally.

Only three of those ultra-rare high-performance track-spec toys will come to the United States, the first of which just got delivered – to Cleveland.

Aston Martin Vulcan Cleveland

Yes, you read that right, Cleveland, Ohio, where at least it’s not Detroit. What’s a vehicle like that doing in a rust-belt city? Well, you’re going to be floored because two of the three total cars destined for the United States will be heading to Cleveland. The first, shown here, is going right to a very happy businessman by the name of Bernie Moreno, who owns quite a few car dealerships.

Moreno took delivery of the new 800 bhp Vulcan at his Aston Martin dealership. He was in such awe of the vehicle that the little kid in him came out and he had to purchase it when it was first unveiled. While the hypercar is only built for the track, Moreno was able to drive it around town with a police escort.

It doesn’t get any cooler than that, folks.

Source: YouTube

Would you want to drive an Aston Martin Vulcan through Cleveland?


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