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The G-Power Mono-Kompressor Pumps up the BMW M5/M6 V10

G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor

Because boosted V-10.

It’s a shame that the big-displacement, high-cylinder engines are going the way of the dinosaurs. In their place come smaller, turbocharged/supercharged engines paired up with hybrid drivetrains that crank out power with better efficiency. One of the last behemoths of German muscle was the BMW S85 engine that was found in the E6X M5 and M6. The naturally-aspirated, high-revving V-10 was a sheer German brute that won hearts and minds.

G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor

The S85 has since been replaced by the new S63 twin-turbocharged V-8, showing the new trend of downsizing engines. The folks at G-Power, however, are not letting the S85 V-10 go down without a fight, and their new SK II Mono-Kompressor system is the way of the future.

The new G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor system effectively replaces the Bi-Kompressor system that has been used for the V-10 engine by G-Power for years. The dual ASA T1-313 superchargers are replaced by the new ASA T1-724 supercharger that boasts an air mass flow of up to 2,400 kg/h and is the most powerful unit in the ASA range.

G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor

The switch to the ASA T1-724 supercharger in the SK II Mono-Kompressor system has a number of advantages. Production and installation costs are reduced due to fewer parts being used. Only one supercharger and belt drive is needed instead of two, which also decreases the volume in the engine bay. The new setup also negates the need for the complete disassembly of the V-10 that comes as a result of reducing the compression ratio of the engine with the Bi-Kompressor unit.

G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor

The new G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor system provides up to 0.5 BAR (7.25 PSI) of boost pressure that is pumped into the prominent G-Power orange cast aluminum air box sitting atop the engine. The system provides superb throttle response and greater amounts of torque as it boosts the factory 500 horsepower and 380 lb-ft. up to 690 horsepower (700 PS) and 502 lb-ft. of torque. The same cooling system utilized in the previous supercharger system can be used as an option, but is not necessary.

The full G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor system is currently available for all BMW M5 and M6 models packed with the mighty S85 V-10 engine.

G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor S85 V-10 Specifications

Type: S85
Number of Cylinders: V-10
Aspiration: ASA T1-724 supercharger
Maximum Horsepower: 690 hp / 700 PS / 515 kW
Maximum Torque: 502 lb-ft. / 680 Nm
-G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor system

G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor S85 V-10 Gallery

Source: G-Power

Are you pumped for the G-Power SK II Mono-Kompressor setup on the BMW S85 V-10?


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