The Gold Rush Rally: A Perfect Father’s Day Gift

2013 goldRush Rally

The goldRush Rally concluded its last leg on Saturday, June 15th and I could not have asked for a better Father’s Day gift than to attend the end of it’s last leg. The teams pulled in to the driveway of Chicago Motor Cars in West Chicago with all the fanfare of a grand parade. Before the participants arrived, there was already a crowd of onlookers, well-wishers and amateur paparazzi all trying to get a glimpse of the travelers. An imposing line of Range Rovers that stretched across from the building let you know that this was serious.

With any good meal, there are always the appetizers. Here, the meal was on its way and the parking lot was filled with delectable to tide you over. Pictures were snapping, folks were talking, and pretty girls were walking around as a pocket of Lamborghini arsenal sat like missiles in a silo, ready to launch. One of the main attractions was a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador with black paint so deep you could dive in it and a face so menacing, it seemed to stare until it made you look away.

After a few minutes walking and mingling, my wife chuckled and said “….there’s the Batmobile.” More than the Batmobile it was a Viper ACR sitting near a decked out Porsche Panamera. Batman would look good in either of these.

2013 goldRush Rally

As good as the treats were on the lot, there were even more delicious goodies waiting inside the showroom. A Bentley GTC, a ’63 Corvette Stingray, a Porsche GT3 4.0…Whew! This was just five steps in the door, and little did I know, there was more to come. As I walked around the 80-gallon fish tank full of exotic fish, there was a set of Ford GT triplets and a pocket of Corvettes and Vipers lined up across the back wall of the showroom. The two stars of the show were a Phantom Drophead Coupe – black on black. This was the favorite of five boys, who took to it like we used to take to huge woody station wagons. Climbing over seats, pressing buttons and making motor sounds. When your Dad brings you to an exotic car dealership, what else is a kid to do? I would enjoy my first encounter with the intelligent super car, the McLaren MP4-12C. I saw it, I sat in it, and I think I am in love.

2013 goldRush Rally

Suddenly there was a voice proclaiming “They are coming in from the rally!” A smooth silent shift of bodies flowed from the showroom to the grounds as people took their places to view their triumphant entrance. The pièce de résistance was arriving. They wouldn’t all come in together as I had suspected, but some of us had a clear view as they pulled in, shook hands, revved their engines and joined in on the camaraderie of gearheads. Nissan GT-Rs, Aston Martins, a Rolls Royce, Ferraris, a Lotus and even a few muscle cars were greeted by applause and “thumbs up” from the crowd. After a while, I was engaged in conversations that stretched from the Centennial Anniversary of Le Mans to “I hope there’s a Bugatti”. The food was first-rate, the accommodations were comfortable, the weather was cooperative and the setting was a car guy’s/gal’s dream.

2013 goldRush Rally

Special thanks to a wonderful woman, Carla Giordano, who sent us info on the event and welcomed us with open arms. She was a joy to meet and once you see her beautiful green Lamborghini Murciélago Spyder – specially equipped with doggie seat for her faithful co-pilot, Stella – her credibility as a car girl is confirmed. Carla is also the Central States Regional Director for the Lamborghini Club of America, and was instrumental in hosting this event.

This event has done more than allow me the privilege of rubbing elbows with exotic car enthusiasts. It has inspired me to at least find a leg of a road rally (hopefully goldRush) to be part of next year and I encourage you to follow my lead. Yes, this was about the cars, but it was also about the joy of motoring and the celebration of success and the automotive lifestyle.

2013 goldRush Rally Gallery

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