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The Imperium Audentia Bentley is all about Prestige

“Boldness and Courage.”

The latest generation of the Continental was just recently released by Bentley over the summer and the Bentley specialists at Imperium Automotive have wasted no time introducing a limited production visual package for the grand tourer.

Named “Audentia” to represent the package’s boldness and courage, the new Imperium Bentley is a statement of superiority and exclusivity. All of the components are produced with modern technology in the UK to ensure the utmost in quality. Customers have the option to order the components in PU-RIM plastic or superlight and high-strength prepreg autoclave carbon fiber.

The Imperium Audentia is sculpted, muscular, and refined compared to the stock Continental GT. The front is given a new bumper with redesigned grille and air intakes to help cool the engine and reduce lift at the front axle. New side skirts reinforce the design of the front bumper with correlating inlet and outlet accents. At the rear, Imperium has installed a new apron with a subtle trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, and integrated trapezoidal exhaust tips.

The Imperium Audentia Bentley Continental GT is a visual upgrade package. The 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 engine is not modified in the package and will continue to produce 567 bhp and 516 lb-ft. of torque.

Only 50 examples of the Imperium Audentia Continental GT will be produced. Pricing for each package will start at £25,000 (+/- 39,300 USD) with full delivery taking place in an estimated 6-8 weeks.

Imperium Audentia Bentley Continental GT Specifications

-Front bumper with new air intakes and grille
-Side skirts
-Rear apron with integrated diffuser
-Trapezoidal exhaust tips
-Rear trunk spoiler

Imperium Audentia Bentley Continental GT Gallery

[Source: Imperium Automotive]

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