The McLaren 570S Sprint Is your Track-Only Special

McLaren 570S Sprint

Making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In the world of high-priced super cars and exotics, there are a select few people that are able to attain the upper-tier of track-only limited-edition models that are supported by manufacturers and come with a seriously high price tag. The new McLaren 570S Sprint does just that without having six zeros attached to its invoice.

McLaren 570S Sprint

Making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed alongside the McLaren P1 GTR, 650S Can-Am, 570S Coupe, and 675LT Coupe, the new 570S Sprint asserts itself as the most track-focused model in the McLaren Sports Series range. The newest exotic gives owners the ability to have a track-focused, non-street-legal racing experience without being restricted by a racing series.

The new McLaren 570S Sprint is based on the carbon fiber MonoCell II chassis just like the rest of the Sports Series line while a tuned version of the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine creates a tremendous amount of power. The V-8 engine is lubricated by New Life 0W-40 engine oil developed in collaboration with Mobil 1 to withstand the punishments of track use and a new GT3-inspired front radiator helps keep temperatures regulated. A seven-speed SSG transmission transfers all the power to the rear wheels.

McLaren 570S Sprint

Visually, the McLaren 570S Sprint gains a range of new aerodynamics that help it generate the most amount of downforce in the entire Sports Series lineup with the optional aero upgrade. A new air piercing front bumper separates airflow into three zones above, through, and below the body work while a new splitter and floor assembly from the GT4 variant keeps things stable. The two large side-mounted radiators are fed cool air by floating door tendons and the eye-catching flying buttresses are retained from the road-going model. As an option, customers can get an aerodynamic upgrade that includes front dive planes and fixed rear carbon fiber wing.

McLaren 570S Sprint

The visual changes for the new McLaren 570S Sprint continue with the addition of new center-locking cast magnesium wheels that keep weight to a minimum, wearing Pirelli racing slicks. Wheel and tire changes can be made easier with the addition of an optional air-jack system. The same double-wishbone setup with anti-roll bars are retained from the 570S Coupe that help it carve through corners.

Inside, the McLaren 570S Sprint has been stripped out of any unnecessary luxuries and equipment in an effort to shed weight. Adding a layer of protection is an FIA-approved roll cage that surrounds the flat-backed driver and optional passenger seating with six-point racing harnesses and fire extinguisher.

McLaren 570S Sprint

As an added bonus, owners that want to compete in any racing series can opt for a GT4 compliance package that adds all of the required equipment to meet FIA specifications for GT4 competition.

The new McLaren 570S Sprint can be ordered in the entire range of Sports Series colors along with a variety of liveries through the MSO Defined program. Pricing starts at £148,000 with deliveries beginning in 2017.

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Source: McLaren

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