The new Ferrari 599XX with Evolution Package Bows in Bologna

Ferrari shows off its latest racing technology for the road.

At the 36th Bologna Motor Show Ferrari unveiled their latest and greatest 599 model that featured modern road and racing technology from the Prancing Horse. The Ferrari 599XX with the new Evolution Package is a technologically advanced and insanely powerful berlinetta for the track-minded Ferrari enthusiast.

The Ferrari 599XX Evolution features a blend of Formula One racing technology that asserts itself as one of the automaker’s most proficient models on the racetrack to date. One of the most intriguing aspects of the 599XX with the Evolution package is the use of an active rear wing. The active aerodynamics is a representation of the new “Opening Gap” concept for Ferrari.

The rear wing is made of two different Formula One-style flaps that are automatically adjusted through the 599XX’s electronics systems to provide optimum downforce depending on a certain maneuver. All of the stability and vehicle performance systems such as ESP, ABS, F1 Trac, etc. are calibrated to work in conjunction with the active aerodynamics. The steering wheel angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, and overall vehicle speed are inputted and the aerodynamics are adjusted accordingly. The rear flaps, along with a new front splitter, redesigned large rear diffuser, and side flics of the Ferrari 599XX Evolution help generate significant amounts of downforce. When the flaps are in the open position, 726 lbs. (330 kg) of downforce is created at 124 mph. After the flaps are closed, a colossal 968 lbs. (440 kg) is created at the same speed.

As part of the package, the 599XX Evolution features more power and is also 77 lbs. lighter. Ferrari engineers repositioned the exhausts so that they exit just behind the front fender with a diabolical roar. The addition of the side exhausts helped unleash a few Prancing Horses and increased the total output to 740 horsepower (750 CV) at 9,100 RPM and 516 lb-ft. of torque. The final gear ratio of the Ferrari 599XX Evolution was shortened in order to improve upon acceleration on certain racetracks.

The Ferrari 599XX Evolution made its debut at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show alongside the 458 Challenge, AF Corse 458 Italia GT2, and other Ferrari racecars. The technologically advanced Ferrari was able to lap the Fiorano in a mere 1’15”, positioning itself as one of the fastest track-oriented vehicles on the market. The Ferrari 599XX with the Evolution Package will only be available to Ferrari Corse Clienti enrolled in the 2012-2013 season of track-based events.

Ferrari 599XX Evolution Specifications

Displacement: 6.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Naturally-aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 740 (750 CV) at 9,100 RPM
Maximum Torque: 516 lb-ft. (700 Nm)
-Side-exit exhausts

Type: Six-speed F1 sequential with shorter final drive
Drive: Rear-wheel

Fiorano Lap Time: 1’15”
Downforce at 124 mph: 726 lbs. (flaps open); 968 lbs. (flaps closed)

-Active aerodynamics system with electronically-adjustable rear wing
-Front splitter
-Side flics
-Rear diffuser with larger surface area; redesigned fences and foot plates

Ferrari 599XX Evolution Video


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[Source: Ferrari]

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