The new Porsche Design Mens Summer Fashion Line – 2012

Lightweight performance style.

While winter is snowing and blowing for everyone in the northern hemisphere of the globe, Porsche Design has unveiled their new 2012 Men’s Summer Fashion line. The new line was created with a purist and functional design in mind while preserving comfort for the warm summer months.

Much of the classic Porsche Design summer fashion pieces are included in the newest summer line such as the P’1160 Roadster Blouson leather jacket. The selection of premium jeans and P’1700 shoes has also been expanded to accommodate the newest additions to the 2012 Summer Collection. To match the P’1160 Roadster Blouson, Porsche has designed a new P’1160 AirTec Blouson.

The new P’1160 AirTech Blouson is designed to be comfortable while still retaining a masculine look. The entire jacket is made from nappa lambskin leather with each shoulder featuring perforated leather for comfort. The P’1160 Airtech Blouson is also extremely lightweight for those looking for a sporty jacket with comfort.

Porsche Design’s advanced RawTech line was expanded to include new leather jackets, blazers, and hoodys. Pieces in the RawTech line feature an innovative purist and timeless design. Full-grain lambskin leather with a nappa finish is used, nullifying the need to have an inner lining. Craftsmanship is also a priority, as the leather is laid seam on seam, stitched in a jagged design, then mated together with a special tape to create a lightweight and clean finish. Porsche Design also offers a P’1140 Hoody and Blazer in the RawTech line.

The entire Porsche Design Summer Collection features a special sketch inside the linings of jackets and bags. The first contribution to Porsche Design in 1977 was a sketch detailing the “Exclusive Sunglasses” with interchangeable lens. To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the sketch, Porsche Design includes a replica of the sketch inside its new summer fashion collection.

The entire 2012 Men’s Summer Collection from Porsche Design is currently available throughout the world. Pricing for each piece varies by country.

Porsche Design Men’s Summer Collection 2012 Gallery

[Source: Porsche Design]

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