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The new Startech Jaguar XJ Exposed

Startech Jaguar XJ

British class and German refinement.

Startech, the Jaguar, Range Rover, and Land Rover tuning arm of Brabus, has recently unveiled their latest styling program for the Jaguar XJ. In stock form the British executive sedan oozes luxury and class, and those qualities are magnified by an OEM Startech styling kit for the Jaguar XJ.

When Ian Callum designed the new Jaguar XJ, his goal was to make the sedan “a thoroughly modern interpretation of the quintessential Jaguar,” with a streamlines silhouette and teardrop shape. The Startech Jaguar XJ emphasizes theses lines with subtle yet functional exterior bodywork.

Startech Jaguar XJ

The front of the Startech XJ features an aerodynamic front upgrade with enlarged air intakes to cool the engine and brakes, and integrated splitter to reduce lift. The front add-on also boasts two sets of LED daytime running lights that run parallel with the headlight LEDs for a uniform, safe design. Each side of the Jaguar XJ can be fitted with Startech fender elements behind each of the front wheels. The fenders have a ‘Startech’ logo and our outlets for the front wheels, and integrate into the sills along each side. The rear of the Startech Jaguar XJ was given a small trunk-mounted spoiler to reduce lift and a redesigned fascia with integrated diffuser and trapezoidal exhaust tips.

Startech has also fitted the Jaguar XJ with custom-designed wheels that match the sedan’s character. A set of 9.0J x 21 front and 10.5J x 21 rear Startech Monostar J Diamond Edition wheels were installed to create a powerful and athletic stance. The forged wheels boast a lower overall weight than the stock models and help to improve overall vehicle performance. The ten-spoke wheels wear mirror polished finish with titanium-look sections. For better grip and handling, Startech also equipped the lightweight forged wheels with 255/35 ZR 21 front and 295/30 ZR 21 rear high-performance tires.

Startech Jaguar XJ

Startech then focused on refining arguably one of the best interiors in the industry with an array of Mastik leather, alcantara, and electronics. The Startech XJ show car was given a complete cream-colored Mastik leather upholstery interior with 5,000 meters of thread, leather flooring, and high-gloss black piano wood trim. One of the main features of the custom-tailored Jaguar XJ interior is the state-of-the-art multimedia system installed behind each of the front seats. The system features two electronically-deployed tables integrated into the front seats with Apple iPads and keyboards. The system also uses a hidden 20 MBit/S GSM modem and antenna to create a wireless hotspot and integrate all electronic devices. In addition to the modern electronic systems, Startech offers a wide range of custom accessories ranging from stainless steel scuff plates to color-matched floor mats.

Startech Jaguar XJ

The entire Startech XJ styling program is currently available. The German tuner allows customers to personalize and configure their vehicle in a variety of colors, materials, trims, and equipment. Pricing for the entire package and individual accessories have not been released.

Startech Jaguar XJ Styling Specifications

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Startech Monostar J Diamond forged with mirror polished finish and titanium-look sections
Front Wheels: 9.0J x 21
Rear Wheels: 10.5J x 21
Front Tires: 255/35 ZR 21
Rear Tires: 295/30 ZR 21

-Front bumper attachment with enlarged air intakes and LED daytime running lights
-Front fender elements with Startech logo and air outlets
-Side skirts with rear brake air inlets
-Redesigned rear fascia with integrated diffuser and trapezoidal exhaust tips
-Trunk-mounted rear spoiler

-Custom leather and alcantara upholstery
-Custom stitching
-Unique wood or composite trims in variety of finishes
-Stainless steel sill plates with illuminated logos
-Aluminum foot pedals
-Rear seat electronics system with Apple iPads and keyboards integrated into front seats
-Rear center console
-20 MBit/s GSM modem and antenna for high-speed internet connection

Startech Jaguar XJ Styling Gallery

Source: Startech

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