The Red Hot Citroën DS4 Racing Concept is coming to Geneva

Citroën DS4 Racing Concept

A Citroën with WRC blood running through its veins.

Citroën is looking to make a splash at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show with its hottest hatch yet – the DS4 Racing Concept. The new concept uses the same formula for success as its DS3 Racing sibling by utilizing Citroën’s Racing engineers to take things to a whole new level of performance.

The new Citroën DS4 Racing Concept uses much of the same DNA that is found in their seven-time WRC winning racing division cars. In the DS4 Racing Concept, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine that was originally developed by Citroën Racing engineers was pushed to create a total of 260 bhp, giving it an output of 160 bhp per liter of displacement, a record for a production car from Citroën. Even with its outrageous output, the Citroën DS4 Racing Concept only emits 155g/km of carbon dioxide.

But the engine wasn’t the only place where Citroën’s Racing division sprinkled their WRC magic. The chassis and running gear of the DS4 Racing has been designed for maximum performance. The entire chassis sits 35 mm lower for a better center of gravity, the front track was widened by 55 mm and the rear by 75 mm for better grip. The wheels have been upgraded to larger, two-tone 19-inch wheels and have been fitted with sportier 235/40 tires. Behind the front pair of wheels sit four-piston brake calipers with special 380 mm discs for superb stopping power.

The new Citroën DS4 Racing Concept will wear a unique and sporty exterior. New carbon fiber aerodynamic components such as a front splitter, air diffuser, and extended wheel arches will visually differentiate the DS4 Racing model from the rest of the lineup. Citroën has also given the concept a new color scheme by applying a new textured-effect matte grey exterior paint to highlight the muscular lines. The roof will feature a special two-tone design to contrast the new exterior paint.

The Citroën DS4 Racing Concept will make its official debut at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show in March. No production plans or pricing have been announced by the French automaker.

Citroën DS4 Racing Concept Specifications

Displacement: 1.6 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-four
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 265 bhp
Emissions: 155g/km

Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension:
Wheels: 19-inch two-tone
Tires: 235/40
Brakes: Four-piston calipers with 380 mm discs at the front axle
Suspension: Lowered 35 mm, 55 mm wider front track, 75 mm wider rear track

-Special textured-effect matte grey paint
-Two-tone roof
-Air diffuser
-Carbon fiber components
-Extended wheel arches
-Rear spoiler
-Front splitter

Citroën DS4 Racing Concept Gallery

[Source: Citroën]

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