The Bear Mountain Lamborghini Crash with Video

The Bear Mountain Lamborghini Crash

The upside-down Gallardo.

Owning a super car requires quite a bit of responsibility, especially with the incredible amount of power they produce. Stormy weather usually isn’t the best time to drive fast. Horsepower, sport tires, and rain/snow tend to not like each other. The Lamborghini crash at Bear Mountain in New York last year is tough to see, but we are all thankful that nobody was seriously injured.

Professional photographer, Jason Thorgalsen, happened to be doing a photo shoot in 2011 for a luxury and exotic car rental company in southern New York, when an unexpected storm hit while the team was driving. One of the cars in the group was a Lamborghini Gallardo and was driven by one of the company’s customers. During the period of intense rain and slick roads, the customer lost control of the Gallardo, slid off the road, and flipped over into a large ditch along the Palisades Parkway.

Luckily both the driver and passenger were able to walk away from the Lamborghini crash, one suffering from a facial laceration according to the paramedic in the video. For such a bad accident, we’re surprised to see them both be able to walk away with minor injuries.

Remember kids, always drive your super car responsibly or you could end up with a mess like this Lamborghini crash!

Lamborghini Crash Video


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[Source: Jason Thorgalsen]

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