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This Near-Death Rally Crash is Just Insane!

horrific rally crash

Talk about a close call!

We’re very lucky to live in a world today where automobiles are incredibly safe compared to those from even 10 years ago. While motorsports will never be completely safe, safety has come a long ways and is always a number-one priority.

That’s why when there are crashes like these, the crew can survive.

horrific rally crash

At the Rally Ronde de la Durance, drivers Yoan Droumenq and Gabriel Durand, were speeding through a stage in their Citroën C2 when they suddenly lost control and slid off the course, causing their car to flip sideways and become airborne. They immediately hit a tree and came to a stop.

The crash was utterly horrific and appeared to be fatal due to the way the car impacted the tree. Thankfully, both of the crew members were able to get out and walk away without injuries.

Source: Luminy13luminy13 YouTube

How lucky was this rally crew to be able to walk away from this crash?


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