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The Solberg Extreme Motorshow is the Auto Action Thriller

Guns, bombs, explosions, horsepower.

Ken Block has his Gymkhana and he does more than a good job showcasing his skills in his short films. In fact, it’s one of the more popular automotive video series on the internet. But then there’s the Solberg Motorshow that tends to crank things up a notch with guns, guts, and glory.

When making a video to showcase your rally skills, who better to cast than the Norwegian Armed Forces? Petter Solberg and his older brother, Henning, teamed up with the Norwegian military to produce a video to generate more interest with prospective recruits. The new video features all of the testosterone-injected fun of tanks, helicopters, explosives, guns, and white-knuckled driving.

Currently Petter Solberg drives for the Ford World Rally Team in the WRC and performs in the Solberg Extreme Motorshow event featuring some of the latest and greatest from the Rallycross scene.

Hey, if the Norwegian Armed Forces is this cool, sign us up!

Solberg Extreme Motor Show Video


[Source: ExtremeMotorshow Youtube Channel]

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