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There’s a Difference between Dangerous and Spirited Driving

Dangerous vs Spirited Driving

One gives us car enthusiasts a bad name.

No matter what kind of car you own, as a car enthusiasts, there are times where you want to just hoon and have fun. It’s a normal feeling, but that type of driving is for the track – not public streets. With the weather getting nice and car show season starting, drivers need to know and understand the difference between spirited driving and dangerous driving, and the.leviathan is here to explain it all.

Dangerous vs Spirited Driving

Recently in Ontario, Canada, a group of super car and sports car drivers were pulled over, and had their licenses suspended and vehicles impounded on charges of stunt driving during a publicized cruise on public roads. That set off quite a bit of debate with driving laws and practices, with police standing their ground on what is legal and illegal.

Just as the.leviathan explains, there’s differences between dangerous driving and spirited driving. These two-ton hunks of metal can easily cause a great deal of damage and injure or kill others. There’s a great deal of responsibility with driving any kind of vehicle and pushing your vehicle a bit – in a legal way that takes your surroundings and others into account without being irresponsible – is something that enthusiasts can do and enjoy.

However, once you start to recklessly drive with disregard for the safety of others, then it becomes dangerous and stupid. At that point, you deserve every ticket the police can write.

Be smart when you drive, folks. We don’t want to be writing about idiots crashing and causing harm to others.

Source: the.leviathan

What do you think is the difference between dangerous and spirited driving?


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