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The Things People Say when you drive a McLaren 650S Spider!

McLaren 650S Spider Reactions

“Get a Honda

There’s something special about driving a super car. They’re exotic, exclusive, expensive, and have otherworldly performance that you don’t normally get to see every day. Well, that is unless you live in Monaco or downtown London.

McLaren 650S Spider Reactions

the.leviathan likes to drive his McLaren 650S Spider around Toronto and he always seems to get quite a few interesting reactions. Of course, there are the people that stop to take pictures, wave, and admire the car. Others will ask more detailed questions while the top is down or the windows are open.

And then there are always the people that like to be jerks or mess with the.leviathan by asking to race or telling him to go buy a Honda.

Seeing as how things went with McLaren and Honda in Formula 1, we can’t see that ever working out…

Source: the.leviathan

What was your favorite reaction from the.leviathan driving his McLaren 650S Spider in Toronto?


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