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This Brake Failure at Sebring is utterly Terrifying!

Corvette Brake Failure Sebring

Probably one of the scariest moments you can have as a driver.

One of the most terrifying things that could ever happen as a driver on a track or even on public roads is a complete brake failure. Losing the ability to stop means that you’re almost certainly going to get into an accident and if you’re lucky, you’ll be the only one left with damage.

Many racetracks are built with this in mind and feature a number of run-offs, barriers, and tire walls that can bring a car to a stop while reducing the impact and potential for injury to the driver.

Corvette Brake Failure Sebring

On one of the higher-speed parts of Sebring International Raceway, one driver completely lost brakes and was faced with either running directly into the tire wall, scraping the wall to use friction to bring the car to a stop, or just running off until the car rolls to a stop. This driver chose the last option instead of seriously damaging their Corvette.

This meant completely running off the track through a fence, avoiding traffic, and coming to a safe speed in a parking lot.

Talk about scary!

Source: David Jones YouTube

How scared would you be if your brakes failed while racing on a track?


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