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You’ll Never be as Lucky as #RacePooch in a LaFerrari

Dog in Ferrari LaFerrari

Yo dawg, we heard you like dogs in your Ferraris…

You might not know it, but every dog’s dream is to ride shotgun in a Prancing Horse with the head out the window. Trust me, I just asked my dog and he told me this is a universal canine truth. He then started to lick himself.

Dog in Ferrari LaFerrari

This yellow Labrador Retriever is just loving life as he rides in a Giallo Tristrato Ferrari LaFerrari with blue carbon fiber accents at the monthly Cars & Croissants on Santana Row in San Jose, CA. The $1.0 million+ Ferrari LaFerrari and its 950 bhp and 664 lb-ft. of torque combined is just perfect for a speed-craving dog with high-end tastes like #RacePooch!

Every dog has its day!

Source: This Week In Cars YouTube

Would you take your dog for a ride in a Ferrari LaFerrari?


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